Safe Can

Can usage/manufacturing (canned packaging) is an important issue. Most of the current cans leave a sharp edge after the lid is removed. This is both inconvenient and presents a health hazard and an environmental danger. New design shown in the figures below is envisaged to enable the safe lid opening. In addition, the proposed design eliminates the need for the use of a can opener. 


A sustainable development is not possible without the sources of sustainable energy. Will a device shown below tend to support the spin of the rotor? In the figure, the blue colour represents one pole (e.g. south), while the red colour represents the opposite magnetic pole. The stator has a number of permanent bar-magnets installed in fixed positions (eight magnets are shown in the sketch tentatively). Several small prototypes should be produced for the purpose of pilot trials. A maximum diameter of the prototype could be between 15 and 20 cm.

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